Recruitment in the Digital Age

Date: 29th Aug 2016

A business is only as good as its best workers and it’s for that reason that recruitment still remains top priority for many companies. Finding the right person for the job is becoming easier and easier as digital technologies and social media become more and more prevalent, with sites like LinkedIn enabling recruiters to search for people based on their skills, location and a variety of other deciding factors.

 CEO of recruitment software company Entelo Jon Bischke notes "Twenty years ago, the résumé was a piece of paper. Now it's a collection of all [candidate] data that can be found online, like participation in online communities, conferences and meet-ups. Recruiters can assess whether a person will fit, and learn if he or she has the right skills for a job."

But where do you find the time? Recruiting the right person is hard work and often companies struggle to do it all themselves. The digital age is making people more and more expectant of a quick, seamless and easy online application process and if you don’t have the time or facilities to provide this you can end up falling behind.

It’s thought that over time the CV will become obsolete, replaced by digital representations of people’s skills which are becoming increasingly sophisticated. While this is great for many companies who have the resources to recruit in this way, some just don’t have the time and this could make recruitment a difficult task in the future. As with anything, digital technologies have their pros and cons and while the ability to search for candidates and trawl through a myriad of data online can have immense benefits for recruiters, giving them a head start that the age-old paper resume never could, it can also over complicate the entire process particularly for small businesses who may not have the skills or knowledge in-house to even know where to begin.

There’s also the inevitable additional cost. Linkedin offers a number of solutions for recruitment but their more advanced features come at a price and without paying that price, as a standard Linkedin user, you are unable to view or communicate with people who aren’t in your contact list. Then there’s the job sites like Reed that offer CV search facilities, not only do you have to pay to list a vacancy on many of these sites but you also have to pay if you wish to search their database of CVs for a suitable candidate. These solutions, while very useful, can be incredibly time consuming and sometimes fruitless and with the additional cost of using these ever-growing digital outlets in your recruitment efforts they are often not a suitable solution for many businesses, who neither have the time nor the budget.

Recruitment agencies can help to take most of the effort and cost out of your recruitment ventures, sourcing and vetting candidates to ensure their suitability for your business. Instead of spending hours trying to find candidates online, reading through profiles and CVs and paying to utilise services such as LinkedIn premium, a good recruitment agency already has a pool of candidates on file to refer to, and if that proves unsuccessful they have the time and resources to find someone suitable on your behalf, a process which could cost you lots and take up so much time.

The digital age is changing recruitment by the day. People expect a quick and seamless online application process and recruiters can now search for suitable candidates using a variety of different online platforms rather than just relying on resume’s and application forms. The process can be time consuming and often expensive but it’s no doubt that despite this digital is where it’s at and if your business is unable to keep up it may be time to call in some extra help or risk falling behind.

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