Employment, Education and Skills Service Launched

Date: 16th Aug 2016

Starting Point Recruitment has launched it's Employment, Education and Skills recruitment service as part of the development of it's specialist recruitment services.

What makes us unique is our commitment to social investment. Every year we reinvest our profit back to the community through our Parent Company which is a Charity delivering Employment Services and Training which has helped 32000 people overcome barriers and start work. 

With over 5000 individual placements made in the last 13 years we have comprehensive labour market experience and more importantly an in depth understanding of the barriers recruiters and candidates face.  

What we can Offer

Our streamlined permanent placement process gives you direct access to superior, fully-screened and qualified candidates with welfare to work experience.

Whether you are up scaling for a specific project or simply expanding your existing services we’ll tailor our services to meet your organisations needs.

A completely flexible service whether you are looking to engage personnel on a permanent basis or on a fixed contract with payroll and administration managed by us

Our database of experienced candidates includes:

Contact our Employment, Education and Skills Specialist to discuss how we can support your current and future recruitment plans.

01922 422480